The spirit of Christmas and the gift of giving.


Christmas is the time of year where businesses little and small profit the most. Of course it’s so easy for me, tiny phantom jewelry operative, to get caught up in the gain, gain, gain of the season. It’s natural, right? 

I wasn’t going to do the Holiday Arts and Crafts this year at the community college. One, when I thought about it I realized I missed the application deadline. Two, I remembered the last time I did it and how much work it was only to lose table money and, quite frankly, to lose patience with the whole thing. Once bitten twice, you know. 

As for this year I had lost a lot. Work. There went my sense of purpose. Motivation. There went most of everything else. I couldn’t even look at beads when it usually only took me looking at beads, and then two bracelets later. 

My mother encouraged me to go to the college and enquire about the craft fair. Love that amazing little lady. That old adage, what else did I have to lose? Money being scarce I hesitated, but I really needed a reason to do something, and that something usually results in creativity. 

So I did and found out there were plenty of tables left. When I filled out the application I wrote down Christmas ornaments next to jewelry for things to sell. I figured it’s a holiday craft fair and I had collected all these great images from magazines I wanted to turn into ornaments anyways. My goal was to make twenty in three weeks. I knew it would take a miracle to end up with fifteen. I made twenty two. 

Several things happened. I gained my sense of purpose back and I had newfound motivation. I woke up eager to work everyday and was constantly flooded with ideas. My little Whispering Iris account dwindled, but I didn’t worry about it. Most importantly, I remembered that through Him all things are possible, but what they don’t tell you is that if you lack faith in yourself it’s equivalent to lacking faith in Him, and in turn losing faith in those around you. In other words, I began to have faith in myself that I could pull it off one more year. 

Now to the miracles that can happen any time of year, but seem especially special this time of year. 

My sister joined me at my craft table where we had a blast. Even though I was still intent on selling out of everything, I still kept good cheer when it seemed I wouldn’t quite make table money back. My sister, however, did especially well. She sold out on her decadent sugar scrubs! Toot toot! 

I began to notice as I looked around me the rest of the vendor’s despondent faces. Then I realized why that may have been when I considered our humble table. We were constantly surrounded by visitors; friends, loved ones, and even strangers. We had consistent good cheer, happily greeting everyone that chose to have a gander. This happened all day. There was so much laughter and good cheer that I realized the true miracle. That miracle was the love and joy to be shared with family, friends, and strangers. 

As closing time came near we got a very special visitor, my Aunt Leslie. She always comes to see me when I do a craft fair and it means a lot to me. She really loved one of the necklaces I had, but decided to buy it at a later time. As she was about to leave I made a quick decision to give her the necklace as a gift. I told her that I always appreciate her support and how much it means to me. It was a tearful moment, but worth it. 

To all of you who stopped by to see us yesterday, even though you couldn’t buy much or nothing at all, there aren’t enough words to say how much I appreciate all of you. You gave me the gift of joy, laughter, tears, a sense of a loving community, and as far as I’m concerned, it was all a true Christmas miracle. Cousins, friends, strangers, thank you all so very much! And special thanks to my best friend, my sister, who never loses faith in me. Thanks for passing the time! 

(One box of tissues later . . . )

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