Loom Work

I’ve been doing some loom work lately.  I like loom work. It’s a pain in the neck to set up your warp threads, but once that’s done, it’s so easy and fun to bead. Bead weaving is a little more complicated than looming, but much less tedious to start. I just love trying new things. Often, when I have a design in my head, it requires me to learn a new technique. That’s what makes this craft so fun to me. I never get stuck just doing one thing. I bounce around a lot in my jewelry techniques, so who knows when the next time I make a loomed piece will be.  I stay motivated when I make what I want to make. Some days that means wire wrapping, other days it means bead weaving.

I use a tray that held a foam ring display in it. I took the ring display out and converted the tray into a portable work space with a bead mat. The pictures below demonstrate how I used the tray for loom work and show the work in progress. I wanted to do something more with the actual design of the bracelet besides the typical geometric designs that are often found in loomed pieces. I wanted to bead a focal within the weaving itself, so I created a window with a random bead pattern within it. I attached some bead embroidery to ultra suede to finish the loom ends and create the closure. I used a snap button for the clasp. This piece was an experiment, and I made it small enough to fit my wrist, which is nice because  I rarely make myself anything!

100_3734 100_3735 100_3736 100_3739
100_3740 100_3747 100_3749 100_3757

Happy beading everyone!

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