Dimensional Beadwork – Who knew it could be so functional?

I watch a lot of how-to’s on youtube but never work along with the tutorials. Bored last weekend, I decided to change that in an effort to learn a little more about right-angle weave. As always, I like to credit works that aren’t mine, or didn’t come from my brain; the link to the video is below.

The tutorial shows how to make a ring, but I thought the rectangle would look nice as a pendant. The only problem was, the beadwork was a little squishy because it was done in layers, the layers only connected at the outer edges. As a ring, this worked out fine because it allowed the rectangle focal to form to the finger. So, I had to learn cubic right-angle weave which I have wanted to learn for a while now. You see, always new opportunities to learn!

I figured out how to do the rectangle in cubic right-angle weave which made a solid bead structure that, in turn, made a really great pendant. Cubic right-angle weave involves weaving a bunch of little squares in layers to create dimension, but all the units are attached. Some beaders use this weave to make tubes for bracelets.

Yesterday, I was given another great opportunity to donate one of these pendants to a fundraise for a family who lost their loved one to cancer recently. The fundraiser is to raise money to cover medical costs for the family. I donated the first pendant shown below. It has silver glass crystal and rose quartz beads. The second pendant was the one I initially worked on along with the video tutorial, but redid in cubic right-angle weave.

See pics and links below!

100_3910 100_3917 100_3919
100_3935 100_3936 100_3937

Right Angle Weave Rectangle Ring Part 1 of 2

Rectangle Right Angle Weave Ring Part 2 of 2

Beadweaving Basics: Cubic Right-Angle Weave (CRAW)

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