After losing a loved one in 2008, I sought creativity for solace. A few months before, I had decided to stow away my dancing shoes and everything about dance due to mounting disappointments. I loved drawing and had also been drawing since I was a little girl, but lacked the space to grow as a sketch/pastel artist.

A year later, I remembered all the beads I had and a jewelry magazine my mother had given me and decided to try some beading projects. I had done some beadwork in the past, but I didn’t consider it a hobby or craft. Initially my work was shoddy and I didn’t have such skills as “tying off”. So, I began to learn the methods and techniques of bead weaving.

After aquiring a few skills, I was hooked on the learning and creative process. I liked that I was wondering again, like a child, how can I do this better, or, there has to be a better way to do this. I liked that I was making mistakes and learning on my own, reading and learning about other crafters processes, and being inspired to create my own methods of creativity.

Soon, bead weaving spawned new curiosities in jewelry making techniques such as wire wrapping, chain maille, stringing, knot tying, and micro torching. Still today, I feed my curiosities by continuing to hone my craft and by learning new techniques and new jewelry design methods.

I feel blessed that I have the ability to share my creativity in a positive way with strangers and those closest to me. I have also witnessed growth, not just in my craft, but within myself. I have gained invaluable spiritual growth after my loss, and working in this craft has allowed me to be mindful in a quiet and reflective way.

I dream of having my own studio space one day so I can continue to grow as an artist. But even in my small crafty corner of the world I love what I do and I hope that this is reflected in my work.

I strive to make every piece as original as possible. I love making my own findings to finish off my pieces. My earrings and bracelets are one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect how I interpret beauty.

Right now I am exploring with paper beads and finding ways to incorporate them into my jewelry. Endless colors and endless possibilities are the simplest ways I can describe what I offer. Slowly, I am creating a distinctive style that I hope will someday be recognizable as my own. Only time will tell. Meanwhile, welcome to my shop and I hope you enjoy browsing through my earrings, bracelets, and necklaces!

I am grateful to all who have encouraged and supported me in this small endeavor. 

I am indebted to you always,
Alina Padilla

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